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Everything fucking screwed up. Everything's wrong. I fucking hate every fucking person and every fucking thing. 
Saturday 5 May 12 12:41
  Still recovering :')
  Went to the A7X concert with my boyfriend and some friends in Abu Dhabi last night. Fucking sexxxxx. It was amazing! Headbanged, sweated, and jumped my life away :p Ended up being in the front row halfway through, aahh I was close it was great :') At the end of the concert they filmed us having a giant whole crowed moshpit/circle run thing, haha ima be in their DVD;) 
  Such a great experience :') Thankyouuu A7X for coming to the UAE!!!
  Sorry the photos are pretty shitty:/ Concert doesn't allow professional cameras for some reason, so I had to use my crappy blackberry hahaa. Here are the best shots from the 100 I took;) 
   My hair was soaked in sweat hahaha. Thankgod my boy listens to the same kind of music as me!
  So close! Ahaaa. M. Shadows waved back at my friends :') Never waved at me after haha asshole;P 
  Me and some buddieees :') 

- Welcome to the faaamily
How do you go through life without being hated? 
    You just sit back, listen, and watch the people around you. Don't move, don't talk, don't bother because surely shit will be stirred according to anything you say or do. 

That's a slightly exaggerated way my friends would explain how nobody really dislikes me, or think I'm a bitch. 
I'm just a very neutral person. 
Don't spread shit about people. It's that fucking easy. 

Well, on a side note, I miss Jeff like crazy. Haven't heard from him in 10 days, I really hope he's not getting off with some Nepalese orphan (he's in Nepal for a DofE trip). 
And thankyou for having me on the front page once again :) 






Friday 17 February 12 10:16
Noo I've accidentally deleted the post of me and Jeff ;0
And my face looks a lot whiter than my body. I promise you that's the camera! Hahaa.
Well he's off to Nepal for a DofE trip :) The school raised 30,000 dirhams for the orphanage (convert it to your currency to see how hard we worked in 2 weeks) !! I'm so happy :) But he's gone for 10 days and we have half term break, so I won't be seeing him :( I'll confine myself in my room for a week in depression and loneliness. I've started the pill, so prepare for intense mood swings. Oh, this week shall be eventful. 
Hopefully I'll go out with my friends or something. Phil (one of my good friends who holds the most parties;D) is also off on the trip. I HAVE NO ONE! Tbh I feel like I'm drifting away from my female buddies. I always feel excluded and like I'm not wanted. I don't know why. Maybe it is true, but sometimes I think it's all in my head. I don't know :( Boys are so much easier and funner to hang out with anyway.
Weeell I redyed my hair red! Cause it started turning into a yucky brassy colour. I've also got some pink under streaky thingies, but the box said purple so I'm a little pissed at that. Anyway, I'm alright with it :) Looks cool. 

mhhh phils mouth;).

I'm pale cause I'm sick. Been sick for 3 weeks. Why won't it go away? :( 
And I am now waiting for my lunch. Homnomnom I'm so hungry :3
Oh, and thankyou so much for giving me 300 followers! It's so cool. I started piczo like, 2 years ago, haha. I've met some pretty cool people here :)) THANKYOU! And honest to god, I get so excited when I see a new comment :D I love seeing peoples comments rather than new followers or hypes. I really like to read people's opinions and ideas :) 
Muchos gracias! Haha, tengo un examen orales en la semana proxima :P 

Tuesday 27 December 11 15:12
  So this is my Christmas:) It is sooo warm during the day, but before 7am and after 6pm, it is freeeeeeezzzzing.
  A couple of days ago I spent the day with my friend shopping, then the beach :) Christmas was alright I guess. I only got 300dhs (roughly €62 or $81 or £52 or whatever the currency you likee, according to this time of course as we never know if the world is gonna blow up because of the whole euro crisis shit and hahavbbbb) because I'm going on a school trip in March (which was expensive as fuckk). Me and my family had a nice dinner, but honestly it felt just like another day. No Christmas feeling or excitement at all. 
  This is probably my last post of 2011. How scary is that? In just a couple of days, we're in the new year. This year felt so fast, and everything's changed so quickly. Just six months ago, I did not expect myself to turn out this way. But my friends have changed along with me, and luckily we all accept each other. Naaawwhh, I love my buddies. Isn't it amazing to have people you can feel completely comfortable with, and just be yourself with?
  Who's got "new years resolutions"? Haha, I don't believe in them. Honestly find them stupid and useless, because the "new year" isn't an excuse to "start new", plus no one ever sticks to it. Haha, but it is an excuse to party aaallll night on the 31st ;) 
]Well, I hope you all have a great time on new years eve with your family and friends. End this year legendarily.
- Alex